Disciplinary And Suspension Hearings

You are your child's greatest advocate. Your child needs you to give him or her a voice in the education system — a system that can easily treat every child the same, without a second chance and without regard for special needs.

At McCabe & Mack LLP, we help parents give their children the support they need in disciplinary matters that involve the education system. Before your child's future is derailed by a transfer, suspension or expulsion, contact us.

Our Poughkeepsie And Hudson Valley Legal Team Can Help

We represent students and parents in superintendent suspension hearings and other disciplinary matters. These hearings operate like other courtroom proceedings. Each side gets to make a case. Facts are presented, witnesses are cross-examined and student rights can easily be compromised when you do not know how to protect them.

We can help you address issues of:

  • False or misleading accusations of misconduct against the student
  • Academic and behavioral history
  • Disability considerations and manifestation determinations
  • School administrative procedures following the incident(s) in question

What are disciplinary hearings, student suspension hearings and Section 3214 hearings?

These meetings take place to determine if disciplinary measures should be taken (and what those measures are) when a student has been accused of violating a school policy or otherwise having behavioral problems. This can include violent behavior and questions of student placement, suspension or transfer.

What are manifestation determinations?

A manifestation determination review is an evaluation of a child's behavior, and whether or not the behavior that violated a student code of conduct was the result of his or her disability.

Make Sure You Use Every Tool Available To Protect Your Child

In many of these quasi-administrative legal proceedings, parents and students fail to have a lawyer present. You may feel that a lawyer would make meetings confrontational, or that a lawyer is unnecessary when dealing with just the school system.

It is crucial that you have an attorney working with you through this process. By having our experienced team on your side, you can better protect your and your child's rights, and ensure the administrative proceedings are handled with your child's best interests in mind.

Contact our office online or by telephone at 845-204-3072 to arrange a meeting and tell us about your child's situation. We can inform you of your rights and your best options for success.